SUUNTO will make seven Athletes happy next Sunday

Suunto, the WC official dive computer sponsor will give away 7 D4I NOVO dive computers next Sunday. Who will be the lucky ones? We will see at the Closing Dinner at the Dolphin Bay Hotel on Sunday 18.9.2016 at 22.00.

Local Delights and Chalvadopita will lift the spirit of all Participants on Thursday

Due to the kind offering of the KORRES company, all delegations will have the chance to taste the local specialities (delights and chlvadopita) at registration tomorrow from 12:00 to 18:00 at the Dolphin Bay Hotel. 

Syros is preparing to welcome the Spearfishing World

Syros is preparing to welcome the spearos from all over the world who came to participate in the 30th CMAS WC. The weather looks good and everybody is eager to live the Greek experience. The delegations' parade will take place at 18.15 on Friday September 16th (gathering at the north end of the Hermoupolis Harbour) and te opening ceremony

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Registration of all Teams will take place on Thursday 15/9/2016 at the Dolphin Bay Hotel

All Teams should register between 12:00 and 18:00 on Thursday, September 15th 2016 at the Dolphin Bay hotel conference room. All team captains should declare whether they are going to use own boats or not by 18:00 the latest... Also all judges, boatsmen and volunteers,

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Revoil is fueling all Organisation Boats

The 5 medicial, 1 press and 7 organisation commission boats of the WC are going to be fueled by Revoil. The organisation is thanking the official fuel sponsor for its kind offering to contribute to the cost of the WC. 

Filothea is going to live stream the WC on U - Tube

The WC opening ceremony and both days' weighing, as well as the medal awars are

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The weather is improving from Wednesday in Syros, but we should not overdo it during scouting

The weather is improving from next Wednesday 7.9.2016 in the Aegean, but this should not be a reason to forget about safety, adequate surface time between dives, good rest and optimum hydration during the diving sessions as the waters are clear and warm and may lead to miscalculations of dive time and depth.

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Pescasubmarina TV is coming to Syros!

PescaSubmarinaTelevision has everything ready to assist the WC and give first hand information on all activity on Syros the days prior to the competition,

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Rebate on return trip with Blue Star Ferries

All Delegations (up to six persons) may utilise the 40% rebate option from Blue Star Ferries between

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Ice will be available every Day in the WC

Thanks to the kind offer of Mr, Alexandros Mendrinos, ice will be available every morning from 7.00 am at the departing point each day of the WC. So be certain your boat has an ice box for the catches and have o worry less in your preparation on Friday! 

Emergency Air Transportation during Scouting Period

If any athlete experiences any accute Decompression Sickness symptoms during the scouting period, he should immediately visit the Hermoupolis General Hospital and if the symptoms persist, request immediate air transportation to the Athens Naval Hospital. The Hellenic Air Force

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The Nautical Club of Syros Host Volunteers for the Teams arriving in Syros

     For any query or information about the island, accomodation, location, weights etc., teams arriving in Syros can contact following Nautical Club of Syros volunteers, who will try their best

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Alexandros Limnaios is the local Doctor to call for Medical Assistance in Syros during the Scouting Period

If during the preparation for the WC any delegation faces medical problems, its representatives should call or visit the Syros General Hospital. The emergency number to call is 166. For less urgent issues you can call the nautical club of Syros at 2281 086666. 

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How to book with Blue Star Ferries For Syros

Blue Star Ferries has (subject to availability) offered a 40% discount

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The official Poster of the WC has come out!

Klick here to download.

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San Marino is the 23rd Entry to the WC!

With lots of efforts from everybody that had a role in the registration procedures of the WC and in the organisation, the final list

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The South Aegean Periphery issued the License for the WC

The authority competent to issue the license of the WC did so yesterday and determined how the catches will be distributed to charity.

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Pescasubmarina TV is going to cover the WC

The organisation of the WC is proud to announce its agreement with the web channel to be the official web TV of the championship.

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21 days for the Entry Form Deadline

There is a deadline coming up on June 1st, 2016, after which the waiting list countries will be free to apply for participation in the WC, 

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New Offer for discount on appartment prices in Galisas

Ventoura Studios & Apartments in Galisas offers 30% off from its rental prices to all WC Delegations Members.

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The CMAS BoD approved the recommendation of the Spearfishing Commission about the use of a Safety inflatable jacket in the WC

Today the BoD of the CMAS approved the Spearfishing Commission's recommendation for pilot use of a safety inflatable jacket

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The CMAS Spearfishing Commission allowed the use of the Freediver Recovery Vest for the WC

The CMAS Spearfishing Commission approved a request made by NZ and allowed the use of a freediver recovery vest in the WC.

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SUUNTO became the official Dive Computer Sponsor of the WC

Suunto is the official Dive Computer Sponsor of the WC! The world class dive computer manufacturer will support the organisation

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14 Countries have already registered electronically for the WC

The deadline of the Initial Entry Form for the participation in the XXX World Championship has passed and only 5 countries have sent it timely to the organisers. Nevertheless, 14 countries have already registered electronically

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New Transportation Sponsor

Blue Star Ferries has (subject to availability) offered a 40% discount to all official delegation

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New Marine Electrοnics Sponsor

Furuno Hellas S.A. became the official marine electronics sponsor of the WC.

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Rooms and Motobike rental offers in Galissas

George Sargologos made a generous discount to the prices of his Room and Motorbike rentals in Galissas for the WC.

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A great offer for weights from Syros Diving Center

Syros Diving Center offered to help the foreign athletes that will come to Syros for the WC by practically renting its weights to them for 0,5 Euro per kg.

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Finland registered electronically for the WC!

Finland just joined the countries that made an early electronic subscription at for the WC in Syros.

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Italy registered for Syros

Italy is the fourth country that registered electronically at the CMASOFFICE website! We remind everybody that according to CMAS regulations, the National Federations have to 

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30% Discount offer for the WC participants from the Syros Hoteliers' Association

With its letter dated 20.1.2016, addressed to the Nautical Club of Syros, the Syros Hoteliers' Association offers

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3 Countries already registered!

Greece, the USA and Australia have already electronically subscribed for the World Championship! Everybody should do so before the deadline (3 months before the opening).

Particular Rules

On the 21st December 2015 the Particular Rules of the World Spearfishing Championship 2016 in Syros were approved by the CMAS Spearfishing Commission and forwarded to the CMAS Board of Directors for further approval.



Competitive Spearfishing

What is it really and how will it unite the planet again next year? It seems that some people couldn’t rest until they had some proof of who was best and probably that’s how it all started. Spear fishing, as most human activities, began creating its own champions through